Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Vinfen’s Psychiatric Rehabilitation Division works in partnership with people living with psychiatric disabilities, substance misuse, and/or HIV/AIDS to provide hope, resources, assistance, and skills training so that they recover valued roles and control of their lives.

Offering programs in many eastern Massachusetts communities, Vinfen provides a broad spectrum of community-based, outreach-oriented and site-based residential services for people with psychiatric conditions and other disabilities. The individuals served include young adults, people with co-occurring substance misuse and people living with HIV/AIDS.

Vinfen also offers day services, which include a recovery learning center where people share mutual support and learning; a clubhouse (Webster House, see below) offering arts-based rehabilitation, peer support and education services; and day rehabilitation centers.

In addition, we provide a variety of assertive community treatment programs, including the Program for Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) and Community Based Flexible Supports. Both of these programs utilize evidence-based or evidence-informed practices, focused on providing effective rehabilitative and clinical services to persons served.

For all services provided, our focus on rehabilitation helps people with disabilities develop skills, acquire resources and live as independently as possible. We partner with each person served to instill hope by helping to identify meaningful life goals for living, learning, working and leisure time. We help people make friends, find jobs, develop new perspectives and skills, and go to new places while learning to manage their conditions and move toward life goals.

Webster House

Vinfen’s Webster House in Brookline, Mass., is a rehabilitation program for some 250 “members for life” who actively engage in running the “clubhouse.”  In a lively atmosphere with a special focus on the arts, Webster House emphasizes teamwork in all activities.  Club members prepare meals in a full-service kitchen.  A transitional employment service provides both prevocational training and job-placement services.  An educational unit offers classes in many subjects, including high-school equivalency.

Webster House is Vinfen’s Clubhouse for adults with psychiatric disabilities. Clubhouses are communities in which members (program participants) work side-by-side with staff on the important work of the program, from word-processing to food service to housekeeping to name a few. Members’ participation in the club is encouraged but completely voluntary. Clubhouse supports are comprehensive, working to ensure members have access to quality employment, medical services, recreational programming, education and more.

  • Webster House
  • 20 Webster Place
  • Brookline, MA 02445
  • (617) 739-5461

Supported Employment Through Vinfen’s Webster House

Employers who hire members can choose between a Transitional Employment Model and a Supported Employment Model.

What is Supported Employment?

In a Supported Employment Position, the job belongs to the member, but job coaches at Webster House keep a close relationship with the employer and work with them to make the process easier. A job coach can learn the job at the job site with the member (or beforehand) and help with focused training. Once everyone (the member, the job coach, and the employer) feel comfortable that the new employee knows the job, the member can work on their own. We keep in touch and check in with the employer, making sure everything continues to run smoothly as members continue their employment.

Opportunities for skill development at Webster house

  • Front Desk Receptionist (answer phones, take messages, greet visitors)
  • Cleaning Crew (shift to shift basis)
  • Food Service Training (prepare lunch, learn food prep, serving, dish washing, etc.)
  • Communications Unit (contribute to bi-monthly newsletter, write articles, edit, perform administrative tasks)
  • Daily Employment Meetings (discussions on work topics, one-on-one job search assistance)
  • Art Unit (learn art techniques in groups and independent work)

Atlantic Clubhouse

The Atlantic Clubhouse has served the South Shore community for over 20 years.  Atlantic Clubhouse has over 350 active members and provides employment opportunities, affordable housing assistance, education assistance and advocacy.  Other services include, but are not limited to: addiction education, health & wellness awareness, art groups focusing on many mediums, young adult groups, and smoking cessation.  The jewelry making class produces goods which are sold in “The Atlantic Treasures” thrift store/art gallery.  A social program is offered during evening, weekend and holiday hours.

For more information regarding the Atlantic Clubhouse, please contact Assistant Director David Huynh at 617-770-9660.

Atlantic Clubhouse
338 Washington Street
Quincy, MA  02169
(617) 770-9660

Accessing Services

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Internship Opportunities

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