Vinfen Connecticut Overview

Established in 2000, Vinfen Connecticut (CT) provides specialized residential and day services to individuals with developmental, psychiatric and behavioral disabilities from north and central Connecticut. Our team of highly-trained staff collaborates with individuals and their support teams to define personal needs and goals so that each individual receives the supports he or she needs to achieve increased independence and integration in the community. The type of services offered depends on the needs of the individual served and ranges from programs with close and continual supervision to those with intermittent supports.

In Connecticut, Vinfen works in partnership with local and government agencies to meet the state’s growing need for services for youth and adults with developmental and psychiatric disabilities. Vinfen’s Connecticut-based programs reflect the highly-personalized and community-oriented nature for which Vinfen is known.


Residential: Vinfen CT offers a variety of residential services, ranging from small transitional apartments to highly supervised settings for teenagers and adults with developmental, psychiatric or behavioral disabilities. Hours of support range from 10 hours per week to 24 hours per day, seven days per week.  Each program has a staff ratio that is customized for the needs of the individuals served. Vinfen-CT operates several residential programs that employ full-time bilingual (English/Spanish) staff who specialize in providing support to young Latino individuals.

Day: Vinfen-CT offers a variety of day, vocational and educational services including supported employment, community-based activities, a school-to-work transition program, and classes in the arts and daily living skills. Each program focuses on developing skills, self-esteem and confidence, which are the foundations of a successful life in the larger community.


Partnerships are key elements to the successful delivery of support services. Vinfen CT partners with families, communities, government agencies and other human service organizations to provide the highest quality and most comprehensive services possible.


For more information please call the Vinfen CT main office at 860-688-3165.