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Saint Joseph’s Church Brings Cheer to Cape Cod Residents

A group of dedicated parishioners at Saint Joseph’s Church in Medford have spent the past 25 years shopping for holiday gifts for those less fortunate. This year their shopping list included 300 items for individuals at nine area organizations. Among them were a group of adults served by Vinfen. Gene Carey, Team Leader at Vinfen’s Homeless Outreach Program on Cape Cod, which provides supports and services for people with psychiatric conditions who are homeless, identified a group of 18 individuals who would appreciate a gift during the holidays. Each of the individuals made a request, which was shared with the church members who set off to do their shopping.

Just before Christmas a delivery was made to the shelter on Cape Cod and individuals opened their gifts of thermal underwear, sweat pants, jeans, and more. One of the gift recipients remarked, “Wow, this is terrific! Thank you so much!”

Ann Vaccaro who is one of the many generous donors at Saint Joseph’s, was quick to point out, “We’re so happy to help! Every little bit counts, and we hope that these gifts make them feel as if someone is thinking of them.”

Many thanks to the generous people of Saint Joseph’s Church in Medford for helping to brighten the holidays for the people we serve!