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Featured Artist

Each year, Vinfen’s Moving Image Film Festival features a piece of art from one of the incredibly talented artists working at a Vinfen arts-based vocational program. This year’s piece is by Gateway Arts’ artist Pat Peter.

Patricia Ann Peter was born in Camden, NJ. She now resides in Arlington, MA.

In 1978, Pat graduated with a BS in Athletic Training. After several jobs in the healthcare field, she returned to school and in 1985 received her BS in Physical Therapy, at which point she moved to Nantucket for work. In 2005, Pat was encouraged to join an art therapy group in Nantucket, which is where she began painting. Initially, art making for Peter was purely therapeutic. However since then, her work has grown tremendously and has become highly sought after. Pat creates vibrant works in acrylic on canvas depicting scenes inspired by nature, personal experiences, and from her own dreams.

As a Gateway Arts artist, Pat has shown her work extensively in galleries as well as in other locations throughout Massachusetts.

“I have discovered art as a venue to my emotions,” she states. “By painting what I see around me or from images I can begin to get a sense of my feelings…Many times, the colors and images express my reality more accurately than words can.”